About SCB Kingston

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Welcome to the SCB Kingston Chapter!

The Society for Conservation Biology is a local group committed to promoting environmental and conservation endeavors in the Kingston area. The society is composed entirely of volunteers from the community who meet weekly to discuss relevant current events, host guest speakers, and organize the community outreach programs for which the SCB has become well known.The Kingston SCB has weekly meetings and hosts evening seminars on topics relating to conservation each school term. Weekly meetings usually include an issue presentation by one of our members, committee reports and updates on current projects (e.g. education committee planting events, research on current local issues, letter writing campaigns, information on upcoming seminars, etc.) and then a summary of conservation and environment topics recently in the news. Visitors to weekly meetings are welcome!

Our Chapter Committees

Visit our Events Page to see what we’ve been up to recently!

The Education Committee organizes schoolyard naturalization projects and curriculum-based presentations in Kingston schools. It is also involved with community outreach, organizing the seminar series and fundraising activities including running the Fish and Frogs program.

The Photo Contest Committee organizes the yearly Photo Contest and silent auction of nature themed photos, along with producing calendars, Christmas cards or other fundraising material with each year’s winners for sale around December.

The Social & Advertising Committee organizes environmentally focused events for the members, along with fundraising evenings, such as our annual Hallowe’en party.

The Sustainable Campus & Issues Committee is responsible for naturalizing the outdoor atrium of the Biosciences Complex and other sustainable initiatives on campus, as well as keeping members up to date on conservation issues of local, regional and global focus.

Meet our 2016-2017 Executive Team

Contact us anytime at scb@queensu.ca!

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