Fundraising Committee

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Welcome to SCB’s Fundraising page! This Committee is run by three dedicated Co-Chairs named Rachel Andolfatto, Madeline Healey, and Jill Mulveney.

Our Mission:

  • To design innovative and exciting fundraising events that foster conservation awareness while also raising funds
  • These funds are used to finance SI and Education programming, as well as to donate to other conservation causes
  • Engaging with the community and creating a connection between individuals and issues, all in the service of conservation

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What We Do:

  • Graphic designing and advertising for Fundraising, Education, and SI events
  • Marketing SCB and gathering membership
  • Applying for grants from other organizations
  • Planning creative fundraisers, including:
    • Succulent Sale
    • Halloween Bake Sale
    • Reusable Shopping Bag Sale
    • Valentine Carnation Sale
  •  Organize the Annual SCB Photo Contest


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Rachel Andolfatto – Madeline Healey – Jill Mulveney

Environmental Science     –    Biology     –     Environmental Biology

If you wish to get directly in contact with Rachel, Maddy or Jill, email OR OR