Nature Photo Contest & Silent Auction

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SCB’s 17th annual photo contest is now open!

Bring us your photos of FLORA, FAUNA, LANDSCAPES and RECREATION to be exhibited in the BioSciences atrium March 12th-16th 2018 and sold at silent auction to support SCB’s community outreach projects.

Submit your photos online by March 5th through the Camera Kingston website ( using the promo code “SCB” for a discounted price on your prints. Please send an email to with the information – title, your name and location. Photographs submitted will be picked up from Camera Kingston by us, you do not need to transport them!

Photos will be judged by local nature/photo enthusiasts, and the winners of each photo category will receive a prizes from generous local business donations. All winning bids on photos will go towards SCB’s current conservation projects and educating local students!

We can’t wait to see what you have created!


A. Nature Portrait: Flora

Photos of wild flowers, trees, shrubs, fungi, water plants, etc.

B. Nature Portrait: Fauna

Photos of wild animals, birds, fish, etc.

C. Nature Portrait: Landscape

Photos of forests, beaches, fields, mountains, deserts, etc.

D. Nature Portrait: Recreation

Photos of that include camping, climbing, biking, surfing, swimming, hiking etc.

Submission Guidelines

Entry Requirements

  • Entries must be 8″x10″ enlargements printed on photographic paper, or submitted electronically.
  • Each entry must include the following either on the back of the photo or on a separate piece of paper. If submitted electronically, please save the file name as: titleofthepicture-categoryletter(A/B/C/D) (8 characters max; example “Dew-B”) and send an email to with the following information.
    • photographer’s name
    • phone number
    • email address
    • photo title
    • photo location
    • entry category
  • Please note that this contest is intended primarily as a showcase of natural plants, animals and landscapes. If you are unsure of the appropriateness of a photo, please contact us before making enlargements. As such, photographs that feature pets (i.e. cats, dogs, horses), or domestic plants as their primary subject will be accepted into the silent auction, but not into the photo contest.
  1. Printed Submissions

Submit your photo(s) to the submission box outside the Queen’s Biology main office (116 Barrie St., room 3111) or at Camera Kingston’s Princess St. location.

  1. Online Submissions

An online submission is also possible by printing the pictures online at Camera Kingston; you can either sign-on or continue as a guest. You can use the discount code “SCB”!


What is the SCB Nature Photo Contest?

Each year, the major fundraiser for the SCB Kingston Chapter takes the form of an environmentally-themed Photo Contest and Silent Auction.

Amateur photographers from the Kingston community will display photos submitted in environmental categories such as Landscape, Flora, Fauna and Recreation to be judged by professional photographers and local naturalists.

The photos submitted will be placed on display for one week and all photos will be entered in the silent auction, the profits of which will go towards major SCB projects. Historically, the funds from this event have gone towards organizing and hosting schoolyard naturalization in schools, educational forums on conservation issues, and bringing speakers in to talk about the importance of conservation biology.

When/where can I submit my photos?

Photos can be submitted to Camera Kingston in-person or online using the promo code “SCB”, and outside the Biology General Office in the Biosciences Complex (116 Barrie Street).

How and when will my photos be judged?

Photos will be blind-judged by local naturalists and professional photographers. Winners in each category will be contacted once a decision is reached (~1 week after the silent auction). There are prizes for 1st-3rd place in each category. The overall grand prize winner will receive the Best In Show prize and certificate.

How will my photos be used and displayed?

Photos will be publicly displayed for one week during the silent auction period. Photo prints without bids will be returned to their photographers. Photo prints with bids will go home with the winner of the auction!

SCB may contact photographers to ask permission to use their photographs in promotional materials – photos will not be used without permission. The photographer retains their copyright.

Where are the pictures being displayed?

Submitted photos are displayed in the Biosciences Atrium during the contest. Be sure to check out the photo display and participate in the silent auction, held in the Biosciences Atrium (116 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON)!

Is your question not listed? Contact us at for more information!

Thank you to our 2016 sponsors and donors!

2017 Photo Contest Winners


1st place: Sophie Gong – Giant Swallow-tail butterfly

2nd place:John Casnig – Busy is a Bee
3rd place: Lydia Rocheleau – Harbinger

1st place: Werdah Iqbal – Infinitely Pink

2nd place: Artem Khmara – Untitled
3rd place: Laura Emleton- Nature’s Barstool
Landscape1st place: Laura Embleton – Celestial Waters 10646889_10152768092851789_3040707505346863281_n
2nd place: Husein Nizami – Twilight Zone
3rd place: Sophie Gong – Forest Dawn
Best in ShowDiana Zhang- Lazy Afternoon 10665320_10152768092921789_8120210781707108324_n

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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 Historical Photo Contest Prizes

The winners of the 2012 Photo contest received:

Overall winner: Robert Bateman Print

Best in Auction: 1 nest box plus 1 Extreme Birds book

A. Nature Portrait: Flora

First prize: 1 year pass to the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area

Second prize: $10 gift certificate to Classic Video plus 1 Queen’s University Sweater

Third prize: 2 DVDs plus 1 Queen’s Baseball hat

B. Nature Portrait: Fauna

First prize: Binoculars

Second prize: $10 gift certificate to Classic video plus 1 Queen’s University Sweater

Third prize: $25 gift certificate to Novel Idea plus 1 Queen’s Baseball hat

C. Nature Portrait: Landscape

First prize: 1 Kingston Field Naturalists Book plus a National Geographic Book plus $10 gift certificate to Classic Video

Second prize: $10 gift certificate to Classic Video plus 1 Queen’s University Sweater

Third prize: Gift certificates to Camera Kingston plus 1 Queen’s Baseball hat

D. Nature photos by Youth under 12

First prize: $25 gift certificate to Send in the Clowns plus balloons plus 1 Queen’s baseball hat

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